About Us

Why Join Food Tours Singapore?

Why Choose Us

Passionate local tour guide

Each tour is led by a highly qualified tour guide who is the expert in the area. Our goal is to make you feel like having local friends bringing you to their favourite eats and share their excitement about the city they grow, live, and love.

Why Choose Us

Celebrating local community

We are a proud supporter of local community. Our tasting locations are independently owned by local Singaporeans – actually they are some of the best local chefs in town and their secret recipes are really worth spreading the words!

Why Choose Us

Delicious Singaporean food

Each tour includes a variety of food tasting items those are favourite among Singaporean locals. So, don’t be afraid to join the local crowds and enjoy the real tastes the island has to offer. You can come hungry and leave happy.

Why Choose Us

Best way to get to know Singapore!

With our small and intimate group walk, we give you intimacy that just can’t get if you are on the bus, on the boat, or on the bike. When you are walking, you get to really appreciate local areas. Our tour combines food, culture, and real story. It’s all in one!